Clara-rules 0.21.1

Released under the Apache License Version 2.0

Clara Rules Engine.


To install, add the following dependency to your project or build file:

[com.cerner/clara-rules "0.21.1"]



Forward-chaining rules for Clojure. The primary API is in this namespace.


A set of common accumulators usable in Clara rules.


Implementation of the defrule-style DSL for Clara. Most users should simply use the clara.rules namespace.


Support for persisting Clara sessions to an external store. Provides the ability to store and restore an entire session working memory state. The restored session is able to have additional insert, retract, query, and fire rule calls performed immediately after.


Event listeners for analyzing the flow through Clara. This is for primarily for use by tooling, but advanced users may use this to analyze sessions.

Tooling to inspect a rule session. The two major methods here are:

Support for tracing state changes in a Clara session.